Richard G. Heck

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Richard attended Hanover, Indiana Elementary School, Hanover (later named Southwestern) High School and Culver Military Academy. Richard served in the United States Navy for six years, traveling the world, and seeing many countries.

After serving his country he returned to the United States to work for the Raytheon Medical Electronics Corp. in Boston, Massachusetts. He then returned to his home state of Indiana to finish his degree at Indiana University in Bloomington. While there Richard taught for the Monroe County School System before moving to Indianapolis where he went to work for the National Weather Service.

He then went to work for Lt. Gov. John Mutz for eight years. During that time, he continued his travels as a representative for that office to bring companies to Indiana during the "Develop Indiana Commerce Era." 

After that he settled a bit traveling only to E3, COMDEX, CES, WINDOWS WORLD, EXPO COMM USA and vacationing on Sanibel Island. He has visited and lived in various other cool spots in the world such as Aruba, Bermuda, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and all over Europe.

He operates his own computer consulting firm, specializing in web page design and development/ computer/ software/ business development. He also writes for several computer and computer games magazines.

When not working or traveling he spends most of his time at home with his family raising his daughter and son and "traveling the World Wide Web of the Information Super Highway."


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Name:               Richard G. Heck   (Greg Heck)


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